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Jinyun Zou


Lead carbonate which was an intermediate product in lead hydrometallurgy without pollution of lead vapor and sulfur dioxide was selected as electrode material of lead_acid batteries. In the present work,the performances of PbO 2/PbSO 4 or PbSO 4/Pb electrode transformed from PbCO 3 have been investigated by powder microelectrode technique combined with cyclic voltammetry.The results show that the CV characteristics of either negative or positive electrode prepared from PbCO 3 is as good as that of both electrodes made from lead oxide produced by mill machine,when a powder microelectrode with PbCO 3 transformed into PbSO 4 in 1.0 mol/L H 2SO 4 solution,and then activated to form Pb or PbO 2 using an unsymmetrical interchangeable signal( Q a/ Q c or Q c/ Q a being 0.2~0.4) in 2.0~2.5 mol/L H 2SO 4 solution.Furthermore,comparing the negative electrode activated in 2.5 mol/L H 2SO 4 solution containing 4% carbon colloid with one activated in the same H 2SO 4 solution concentration without ABC,the cyclic voltammetric characteristics of the former has been obviously improved.It is possible that the carbon colloid particles can be adsorbed on PbSO 4 crystals,which could increase the conductivity and reduce the shrinking of the electrode


Lead carbonate, Lead_acid battery, Powder microelectrode, Activation

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