Copper electrodeposit was obtained in CuSO 4+H 2SO 4 electrolyte solution by electrodeposition and its structure was studied by XRD.The results showed that copper electoddeposits with the highly preferred orientations of (220)and (111) could be obtained at current density 4.0 A/dm 2 and 15.0 A/dm 2,respectively. The texture coefficient ( TC ) values were increased by thickness of Cu deposits. The thickness would be, to obtain Cu electrodeposit with(111) highly preferred orientation,about 7 times of that of (220) highly preferred orientation, which indicated that(220) face was easier to be remained than (111)face and that electrocrystallization of Cu at low current density would be easier controlled by electrodeposition condition.The higher deposition current density was benefit to nuclei formation. The Cu deposit was presented in the distortion and increase of crystal lattice.


Electrodeposition, Cu deposit

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