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Hui_bo SHAO


Nitrate reductase (NR) and phospholipids were immobilized on gold electrodes with 2_aminoethanethio(AET) SAMs. After Au/AET/NR and Au/AET/NR/lipid were soaked in pH 7 phosphate buffers for days,a pair of pre_reversible peak appeared at around 0.202 V and 0.149 V,respsctively, irregularly grew with soaking time in blank buffer.The cathodic peak current(i pcl )of Au/AET/NR system had linear relationship with scan rate between 0.02 and 0.5 V.s -1 ,while i pcl was proportional to V 1/2 in Au/AET/NR/lipid system.The direct electron transfer of enzyme electrodes was strongly affected by pH.Compared with Au/AET,NR exhibited a higher electrochemical activity in Au/AET/lipid system.


Nitrate reductase, Phospholipid, 2_aminoethanethiol SAMs

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