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Wenbin Cai(wbcai@fudan.edu.cn)


RuO2/TiO2 composite materials have multitude of electrocatalytic applications including but not limited to CO2 reduction reaction (CO2RR). RuO2/TiO2 electrodes were previously prepared by repetitive coating and thermal decomposition (TD) of a Ru(III) precursor solution on Ti substrate. In this work, electrochemical potential cycling is applied to deposit amorphous RuO2 (α-RuO2) layers onto TiO2 nanotube array (TNA) (RuO2CV/TNA) preformed on Ti foil. SEM, GIXRD, and voltammetry are applied to characterize the structures of the resulting RuO2CV/TNA. Ru loading on the RuO2CV/TNA electrode is ca. 1/30 of that on the conventional RuO2TD/TNA electrode. Although both electrodes yield similar faradaic efficiencies (FEs) for the reduction products, the RuO2CV/TNA electrode displays a much higher reduction current, a more positive initial reduction potential and a better durability than the RuO2TD/TNA one. In addition to higher FEs for formate and CH4, the RuO2CV/TNA electrode yields the product of CO for the CO2RR in 0.1 mo•lL-1 KHCO3, which is not available in a PBS solution with pH 7.

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CO2 reduction, amorphous RuO2, TiO2 nanotube array, electrodeposition

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