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Wei XING(zmzhang@jlu.edu.cn)


With the purpose of providing a new method for carbaryl (a pesticide) detection, on the basis of the principle that acetylcholinesterase (AChE) activity can be restrained by carbaryl, an AChE biosensor platform based on BP2000 (as a fixation) was constructed by dropping method. As a result, it revealed that AChE immobilized on BP2000 maintained its catalytic activity for acetylcholine (ATCl), and due to the introduction of the BP2000 material, the effective electrochemical surface area of the modified electrode was enlarged. In addition, the electrochemical oxidation at the modified electrode occurred at low potential (0.630 V) accompanied by proton transmission. The AChE biosensor platform based on BP2000 matrix for carbaryl detection was able to reflect a linear response in the range of 2.0 ng·mL-1 ~ 12.5 ng·mL-1 with the detection limit of 3.15 ng·mL-1. At last, this work will provide a simple method and an efficient matrix in establishing an enzyme electrode of enzymatic biosensor platform and enzymatic fuel cell.

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acetylcholinesterase, carbaryl, enzyme-based biosensor, electrochemistry, black pearl 2000

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