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Yi-lun YING(yilunying@ecust.edu.cn)


Nanopore employs a single bio-molecule interface, which is a highly sensitive single-molecule detection technology for measuring single biomolecules such as DNA, RNA, protein, and peptide. The interaction between single molecule and nanopore is thermodynamically controlled. Therefore, it is urgent to precisely control the temperature of the nanopore system without introduction of any noise. In this paper, we have developed a low-noise temperature control system for single-molecule detection of nanopores to achieve precise regulation at the ambient temperature during measurements. The system utilizes the thermoelectric effect of the semiconductor refrigerating chip to heat or cool the detection chamber, while adopts electromagnetically shielded high-precision thermistor to achieve the temperature feedback which avoids the introduction of noise at the same time. The proportional-integral-differential algorithm is used to provide the high-precision and rapid temperature control. The system was further applied in measuring the interaction between Poly(dA)5 and aerolysin nanopore at 25 oC to 5 oC. This system could be used to characterize the thermodynamic and kinetic information of the single molecules.

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nanopore, electrochemistry, single bio-molecule detection, single bio-molecule interface, temperature control system, low noise measurement

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